An open letter to the DPP on the extremist Gates of Vienna website

This week Ruth was one of several MPs to sign a letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions urging them to take action against the dangerous 'counter-jihad' Gates of Vienna website. The full text of the letter is below:


We are writing to you to call for an investigation into the Gates of Vienna website, one of whose sites is hosted on a UK server.

According to a new report from HOPE not hate (, this website contains a series of articles by El Ingles which outline a blueprint for civil war. The articles encourage the establishment of paramilitary groups, bomb manuals, advice on avoiding police capture and techniques to survive police interrogation.

The HOPE not hate report claims that El Ingles (a pseudonym for a British ‘counter-jihadist), is part of group of people who think Islam is an expansionist ideology which poses an existential threat to the West. They believe there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam. 

Some ‘counter-jihadists’ believe the only answer is the mass deportation or removal of Muslims from Europe. They believe that this will only happen through civil war and the ‘genocide’ of Muslims. 

It is clear that these are the ideas that inspired Norwegian mass murder Anders Breivik and as such it is deeply troubling that they are available to inspire others.

We would urge you to investigate the Gates of Vienna website and take appropriate action if anyone involved is deemed to be promoting terrorism and civil disorder.