Job Opportunity: Constituency Support Officer

I'm looking for a new member of staff to join our team here in Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove. The successful applicant will be working with me to support our community and bring local groups together to affect real change.

If you're interested in applying you can find more details here:

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Information on Bus Service Changes

I have recently been contacted by First Bus Potteries with information about upcoming reductions to local services. The following routes will be changing from 26th November 2017.

Route 5: Hanley - Abbey Hulton

The following Saturday departures are withdrawn:

From Hanley: 0600, 0630, 0700, 0730, 0803, 1823, 1845, 1900, 1915, 1930

From Abbey Hulton: 0613, 0643, 0713, 0742, 0802, 0822

Route 6: Hanley - Longton - Meir

This service will now terminate at Colaville/Weston Coyney and will no longer link with service 11A

On Sundays, the last departure from Hanley will be 2000

Route 7: Hanley - Smallthorne - Ball Green

Route 7A: Hanley - Smallthorne - Chell - Biddulph

On Sundays the last departures from Hanley are 1716 (7) and 1736, 1835 (7A). From Kidsgrove the last departure is 1956 and from Biddulph is 1919.

Route 8: Hanley - Smallthorne - Ball Green

Route 8A: Hanley - Smallthorne - Endon Fountain

Changes on Mondays - Fridays

- The 0620 service 8 departure from Ball Green and the 0628 service 8A departure from Endon Fountain are now joined into a single journey, departing Endon Fountain at 0612 and Ball Green at 0625

- The 1815 departure from Hanley on service 8 is withdrawn

The following Saturday journeys are also withdrawn:

- Departures at 1733 (8A) and 1915 (8) from Hanley, 1810 from Endon Fountain

- Departures at 0615 from Ball Green and 0731 from Endon Fountain

The Sunday service on both of these routes is being withdrawn.

Route 18: Hanley - Sneyd Green - Leek

On Mondays to Fridays, the 2000 departure from Hanley and the 2041 departure from Leek are both withdrawn

Route 98: Newcastle - Porthill - Burslem - Ball Green

The following journeys are all withdrawn:

Monday - Friday, 0555, 1749, 1841 from Ball Green and the 1839 from Newcastle

Saturdays - 0813 from Porthole to Newcastle, 1749 and 1841 from Ball Green and the 1839 from Newcastle

Sundays - 1708 departure from Ball Green

Route 99: Newcastle - Porthill - Tunstall - Chell

The Sunday service is withdrawn entirely. In addition the following journeys are all withdrawn:

Mondays - Fridays: 1733 from Chell heath and the 1800, 1900 from Bradely, the 1829 from Newcastle

Saturdays: 1800, 1900 from Bradley and the 1801, 1829 from Newcastle

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Ruth's Holiday Hunger campaign gets national recognition from Labour Party

Ruth Smeeth has put child food poverty back on the agenda after her Holiday Hunger campaign was taken up by the Labour Party as a national campaign focus.
Two years ago, Ruth gave the first speech in the House of Commons on the issue of Holiday Hunger and asked what happens to children who are eligible for free school meals during the summer holidays.
She revealed that six out of ten parents with household incomes of less than £25,000 have said they weren’t always able to buy food out of term times, and a third of parents have skipped a meal so that their children could eat during the school holidays.
Since then Ruth Smeeth has run a national Holiday Hunger campaign alongside the GMB union and in 2016 she narrowly failed to get the issue discussed on the floor of Labour Party Conference.
She has also worked with local businesses and charities to create the first comprehensive Holiday Hunger pilot project – which will serve 10,000 meals this summer in her constituency.
Now the Labour Party are following suit with a national campaign to highlight the impact of Holiday Hunger.
Ruth said she was delighted that Angela Rayner, the Shadow Education Secretary, has recognised the importance of the issue.
Ruth said: “This campaign was the first issue I raised as a new Member of Parliament and it is an issue that’s incredibly close to my heart.
“In my own constituency of Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove 31% of children are living in poverty. I’ve heard tragic stories from teachers about children coming back to school in September malnourished. This is simply heartbreaking.”
I’ve worked with an incredible group of people to get this issue on the agenda and I’m absolutely delighted that Holiday Hunger is finally being recognised as a major issue.”
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Statement on the Manchester attack

The events in Manchester last night were tragic and heartbreaking. To target innocent people, innocent children, is an act of unspeakable evil.

My heart goes out to the victims, their family and their loved ones.

In last nights barbaric and cowardly attack we saw the very worst of humanity. In the response of the people of Manchester and our emergency services we have seen the very best.

It is up to all of us in the days and weeks ahead to ensure that we remain united as a country and as a community and that we do not allow fear to triumph over hope.

Those who seek to destroy our way of life, to weaken our resolve, to divide us from our friends and neighbours, will fail.

As a mark of respect to the victims and their families I will be suspending my re-election campaign until further notice.

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Statement on Kidsgrove Sports Centre

Like many of you, I am totally disgusted by the decision of the Tory-run Staffordshire County Council to shut the doors on our Sports Centre in Kidsgrove. I've been working with the Labour Councillors on Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council on alternative provision and a way forward since the Staffordshire Tories first suggested they were going to pull the plug on the pool in the last few weeks.

I can assure you that I won't rest until we have a proper level of leisure and swimming services re-instated in Kidsgrove. However, this may take some time to achieve, so I'm working with Newcastle-under-Lyme Council to ensure interim measures are in place while we develop a business case for a new facility. I will keep local residents informed of developments.

The reality is that we are seeing the true impact of Tory 'austerity' measures on our community, in this case implemented by the Tory administration in Stafford.

​​​​​​​But I'll keep fighting for a new facility and proper provision for Kidsgrove.

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Why I am re-standing for Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove

It’s been the greatest privilege to represent you in the House of Commons for the last two years as your REAL Labour voice for Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove. I’m delighted that the Labour Party have today confirmed my candidacy fir the snap General Election on 8th June.

Since 2015 I have tried everyday to represent you, fighting for more local investment, better jobs, a Brexit deal that works for the Potteries and real support and recognition for our Armed Forces. I’ve also fought alongside local people against cuts to our schools and NHS services and to oppose the attempted sell off of our local cancer and end-of-life care.

I am proud of how much we achieved together in just two short years. But there is still so much to be done to ensure that everyone in Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove has the opportunity to live their lives in comfort and security, for our children to have the best start in life, and for our city to take its rightful place as the industrial heart and creative soul of Britain.

As I’m asking for your vote I think its important that you know what makes me tick. So my priorities as your representative will be:

  1. A brexit deal which works for everyone in the Potteries, making sure we eliver on last years vote.
  2. Strong national defences, making sure that our Armed Forces have what they need to keep us safe and ensuring that we look after them when they retire.
  3. Holiday Hunger – fighting to end the blight of hungry kids in our community.

 You’ve been my priority since I got elected and I promise that won’t change after 8th June. So please make sure you vote and vote for your REAL Labour candidate. Vote for me!

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Brexit has begun - Now we need to come together for a deal that works

And so it begins. This week the Prime Minster triggered Article 50 and began the process of leaving the European Union.

The goal for everyone now must be to ensure that Britain gets the best deal possible and to make sure the Government understands the needs of places like the Potteries and has a plan to deliver for them.

Stoke-on-Trent voted decisively to leave, and today their voices have been heard. But now we need to make sure that the aspirations that people placed on Brexit are met and ensure our local jobs and services are protected.

People here voted to leave, but no one voted to get poorer or to see our jobs go. Nor did they vote for us to close ourselves off from the world or become a smaller, more isolated nation.

What they voted for was greater opportunities for them and their families, and for greater investment in our NHS and public services. And they voted to put a stop to places like Stoke-on-Trent being left at the back of the queue.

My job now is to do everything in my power to help deliver a Brexit deal for The Potteries. That's why I have already met with ministers in the departments of Business and International Trade to talk about the threats and opportunities facing the ceramics industry.

It's why I have set up and lead the All Party Group on Ceramics to give our biggest local industry a voice in Westminster.

And it's why I am using every chance I get to shout about the incredible potential of Stoke-on-Trent.

This is our opportunity to transform our country for the better. But we can only do that if we work out together and hold the Government to account as they begin the long process of negotiating Brexit. 

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Statement on the Westminster Terror Attack

The events of yesterday were tragic and heart breaking. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

This was a despicable and cowardly act by a man who sought to devastate and to divide. It is thanks only to the extraordinary courage of our Police and first responders that there were not even more casualties.

We owe all of them a debt of gratitude, but none more so than PC Keith Palmer, who lost his own life defending the lives of others. His bravery is an inspiration to all of us, and his loss is a stark reminder of the danger that the men and women of our police forces face every day in order to keep us safe.

The incredible outpouring of love and support we have seen in the last few hours is proof that those who seek to make us afraid or to destroy our way of life will fail. We will not allow this tragedy to divide us or to deter us from democracy.  

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Budget fails to meet the challenges we face

Ruth Smeeth MP has said the chancellor has no post-Brexit economic plan for Stoke-on-Trent

Ruth welcomed the chancellor’s announcement of a further £2 billion for health and social care but said that the sums were ‘too little too late’ and would not address the challenges our local NHS faces.

Ruth said: “Our health and social care system is crying out for investment so any further funding is welcome. But when our local hospital trust is facing a £100 million deficit, the investment announced today is a drop in the ocean. 

“The Tories are tinkering around the edges of a health and social care system in crisis.”

“Our social care system is facing a £4.6 billion black hole. This is too little too late after years of chronic underfunding of our NHS.”

And she raised concern that the Government’s ‘small and unimaginative’ budget fails to step up to the challenges the country faces. 

 Ruth said: “The glaring hole in this budget is clear: there is no plan for how Stoke-on-Trent can best benefit from Brexit.

“Our city needs proper investment in schools, skills and infrastructure. But the chancellor is choking the life out of the public education system while pouring £320 million into free schools.

 “Schools in my own constituency are losing an average of £400 per pupil and our childrens’ centres are facing closure. How can we expect to train our young people for the jobs of tomorrow when their opportunities are being taken from them today?”

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We can make Brexit a success if we all pull together

The new year is a time to look to the future and set aside the arguments of the past. In 2017, that outlook might be more important than ever. 
If you believe what you read in the national papers, the argument about whether or not to leave the EU is still raging. But then we know nothing sells papers like a good row.
Here in Stoke-on-Trent people were clear – we voted to leave. Nationally the result may have been closer, but the truth is we are much less divided than the result might suggest. 
When it comes to our country’s future, we have much more in common than we give ourselves credit for. Many of those who voted to remain agree that we need to fix our immigration system, and those who voted to leave want to see our businesses flourish. 
Everyone who cast a vote last June wanted Britain to succeed. If we are going to achieve that then we need to begin by recognising that we are on the way out of the EU and start talking properly about what we want our new Britain to look like. 
That’s why I voted before Christmas for the exit process to begin by the end of March, and it’s why I’ll be voting to trigger Article 50 if the decision comes to Parliament. We need to stop repeating old arguments and start working together, and we need to have a real conversation about the country we want to build. 
My priority in the months ahead is to promote and protect the Potteries and to ensure the UK maintains its place in the world as a force for good with a strong and well-equipped armed forces.  
I want a Brexit deal that is going to deliver for the people of Stoke-on-Trent, and I will be fighting every step of the way to ensure that’s what we get. 
For the local economy, that means making sure the Government takes steps to protect our ceramics industry from Chinese dumping and getting a framework for international trade deals established as quickly as we can. It was these protections for local industry which persuaded me to vote remain last year, and we must ensure they are kept in place when we leave.
But it also means honouring the key pledge of the Leave campaign and putting the millions we will save into our NHS. Our new, independent Britain should have a healthcare system that is the envy of the world.
And it means rethinking our immigration system from the bottom up and getting control of our borders. Our immigration policy should be based first and foremost on our own needs, focusing on what people can offer our country and the skills we need to grow.
We can’t let Brexit mean closing ourselves off from the world, that’s not what any of us voted for. But we need to understand that the massive low-skill migration we have seen in recent years has simply driven down wages and reduced opportunities for our young people. 
We will always need some immigration, but it needs to be based on mutual benefit and mutual respect. And we need to ensure that British residents are being trained to have the skills that we need so we are not reliant on foreign workers to fill skills gaps.
I sometimes hear about people talking about putting the ‘Great’ back in Great Britain, but I don’t believe this country ever stopped being great. Our problems are not those of a country in decline, but of a Government which too often fails to listen.
The UK is a global power and we have always punched above our weight on the world stage. It’s not our membership of the European club that will determine that in the future, it’s the decisions we take together as a country. The course we are on comes with risk, but there are huge opportunities too if we can get it right.  And I’m determined we will. 
So let’s make 2017 the year of finding common ground. Let’s stop the shouting and start talking to one another about what we all want our country and our city to look like. We are one nation, not two, and we need to work together to get the best deal we can.
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