Ruth welcomes Government U-Turn on apprenticeship funding cuts

Ruth has welcomed the Government's decision this week to U-turn on initial plans to cut apprenticeship funding by up to 50%.

The decision is a major victory for the #SaveOurApprenticeships campaign, which is led by Labour and fully supported by Ruth. It aims to ensure young people have the opportunity to develop their practical and vocational skills.

The cuts were initially announced during the Summer recess without any opportunity for MPs to debate or scrutinise the decision. But thanks to fierce opposition from both the Labour Party and the British public  the decision has been overturned.

Ruth said: "It's great news that the Government has caved in to public pressure and reversed their decision to slash funding for apprenticeships."

"Vocational education and training is vital to ensuring our country's prosperity and to giving our all of our young people the opportunity to succeed. We need to ensure that young people here in Stoke-on-Trent have the chance to fulfil their potential and learn the skills they need to succeed in the economy of tomorrow."