Statement on the Dubs Amendment

I am bitterly disappointed that the Government has voted down an amendment to help 3,000 vulnerable child refugees.

We have heard terrifying reports that 10,000 children have already gone missing in Europe since fleeing the warzones in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. These children could be in the hands of traffickers or child abusers, some of them may already be dead.

This amendment was Britain’s opportunity to do something concrete to help the most vulnerable victims of this crisis. It was brought forward by Lord Dubs, who arrived in this country as a refugee himself during the Kindertransport scheme in 1939.

I was in Russia as part of a Defence Select Committee investigation at the time of the vote, however I was paired (an agreement between MPs of opposing parties to not vote in a particular division) to ensure my absence would not effect the vote in any way.

I would like to pay tribute to my colleagues who argued so passionately for Britain to play our part and give these children the security they so desperately need.